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Chilling New Set for US! Chilling Reign!

Chilling Reign
There will be a chilling reign coming to the Pokemon TCG this June!

The name for the Pokemon TCG set coming to North America for June has been revealed. This new set will be called Chilling Reign and will feature Calyrex!

Set Details

Chilling Reign will feature cards from Japan’s Matchless Fighters and Silver Lance/Jet-Black Spirit. The feature Pokemon will be Ice Rider Calyrex as a Water type Pokemon and Shadow Rider Calyrex as a Psychic type Pokemon.

You will also see plenty of new Rapid Strike and Single Strike Pokemon being release in Chilling Reign. Thus, this will be the second English set that will feature the new Battle Styles mechanic.

Matchless Fighter comes out on March 19th for Japan. Silver Lance/Jet-Black Spirit is set to come out in Japan on April 23rd.

Chilling Reign will release in North America on June 18th. The later release date is because of printing issues due to COVID.

Source: PokeBeach

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