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Community Day June & July Announcement and Voting!

Community Day Voting May
It is time to hit the polls again for June and July’s Community Day!

The people will get to vote for the feature Pokemon for June and July’s Community Day!

Currently we do not know the dates for June & July’s Community day. What we do know are the potential Pokemon for these two Community Days.

There will be four nominees for June and July’s Community Day but only two of them will get to become a feature Pokemon for Community Day. The Winner of the vote will become June’s Community Day Pokemon. Meanwhile, the runner-up will become July’s feature Pokemon.

How to vote

If you want for vote for the June and July’s Community Day Pokemon then you will need to hit Twitter. A poll will be posted on Pokemon GO’s Official Twitter from May 23rd at 6PM PST to May 24th at 6PM PST. You will have twenty-four hours to vote for your favorite Pokemon out of the four nominees to become Community Day Pokemon.

Potential Community Day Pokemon

Below are the the potential featured Community Day Pokemon and what each will bring if choose as the Community Day Pokemon.


The Water Starter from Kanto is attempting for a second Community Day feature. This time Squirtle will most likely not be sporting trademark sunglasses. Though, he will be learning an exclusive Community Day attack when evolved into Blastoise, Aura Sphere!

Aura Sphere is an exclusive move that currently only Lucario can learn in Pokemon GO. This attack will be useful for Blastoise when battling against Steel type Pokemon like Registeel in the GO Battle League.

There is actually an interesting connection between Blastoise and Aura Sphere. Blastoise could only start learning Aura Sphere in Generation 6 when it gain the ability to Mega Evolve. Mega Blastoise gains the Mega Launcher ability that allows it to boost the power of Pulse and Aura attacks. In order to make good use of this ability, Blastoise gain usage of Aura Sphere.


Weedle, one of the classic Bug Pokemon from Viridian Forest in Kanto, is aiming to become a Community Day Pokemon. This little bug is one of the few Pokemon from Kanto who hasn’t had their Shiny variant release in Pokemon GO. If it is voted as a Community Day Pokemon then it will allow players to capture Shiny Weedle.

When Weedle involves into Beedrill during Community Day then it will learn Drill Run. This Ground type attack will allow Beedrill to hit many things pretty hard in battle. It will certainly allow Beedrill the chance to make a run as a top contender Pokemon.


Sandshrew and his Alolan cousin will be rolling out if voted as a Community Day Pokemon. They will have an interesting Community Day where Kantonian Sandshrew will be found in the wild. Meanwhile, Alolan Sandshrew will be staying chilly on top of Gyms where it can be found in Raids.

If you evolve Sandshrew or Alolan Sandshrew into Sandslash or Alolan Sandslash then they will both learn Shadow Claw. This will be a new Fast Move for both Pokemon. Not only will it be able to hit Super Effective on certain types, it will also Sandslash and Alolan Sandslash generate energy faster to launch powerful Charge Attacks.


Gastly is hoping to spook some people during a Summer Community Day. That is because this ghost is wanting to be the most.

If voted as a Community Day Pokemon then will learn Shadow Punch when evolved into Gengar. Shadow Punch is a three bar move which makes it quick to charge up. Though, this will add another dimension of strategy when using Gengar. That is because you may trick your opponent to use up one of their Shields in battle. That way you can use a powerful Shadow Ball once all the Shields are gone.

Who are you going to vote for? Each one of these Pokemon bring a unique aspect to Pokemon GO. Though, just make sure to vote on May 23rd at 6PM PST to May 24th at 6PM PST to make your voice heard!

Source: Pokemon GO

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