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VIDEO: Shiny Snubbull Research & Dunsparce Hunt!

Shiny Dunsparce
Shiny Dunsparce and Shiny Snubbull?

Is it possible to catch both on the same day? That is a great question to ask! And if you are TheLastHotSauce then you will find out!

That is because TheLastHotSauce is on the mission to capture both a Shiny Snubbull and Shiny Dunsparce! If you look at the image above, clearly he catches a Shiny Dunsparce. Though, what about the Shiny Snubbull? After all, some of his friends have captured three Shiny Snubbull!

Watch the video below to see if TheLastHotSauce accomplish his mission to capture a Shiny Snubbull!

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