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Cramorant Raid Event! Live Now!

Can you defeat a million Cramorant?

The answer may be no but you won’t be alone. There is a special Wild Area Event right now. The goal is to defeat one million Cramorant as a collective group.

Event Details

Similar to the Zeraora event from last year, trainers all over the world are going to swarm the three Wild Areas of Galar. All with the purpose to defeat Cramorant. Some trainers may get lucky to find a Shiny Cramorant in their raid. Others will find themselves testing their skill upon finding a Level 100 Cramorant.

If you want to make quick work of Cramorant then be sure to bring some strong hard hitting Electric Pokemon. They will be hitting Cramorant for 4x damage thanks to this bird’s Water/Flying typing. That Zeraora from last year’s Wild Area event may be just the thing you will need to bring.

There are some special rewards if certain goals are met. Below are the rewards!

  • If 500k players defeat: all players receive a Flame Orb, Toxic Orb, and Light Ball
  • If 1 million: all receive one Gold Bottle Cap, 3 normal Bottle Caps, and 3 Pearl Strings

This event has already started and is set to end on February 8th at 4PM PST.

Riches and fame galore for the players who can defeat Cramorant! Will you be one? Best of luck!

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