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Crossroads Comics #115-PMD: Rangers of Sky

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re taking a look at PMD: Rangers of Sky. This is a comic that I’ve been following since its inception and with the prologue just now wrapping up, now feels like as good a time as any to give this comic a little feature. So let’s get to it!

PMD: Rangers of Sky is a collaborative comic that follows the fledgling Pokémon Ranger, Eliza. The prologue starts with Eliza and a more experience ranger, Zayne, answering a distress call about a Pupitar causing a sandstorm. It seems simple enough. Until it isn’t. After a mission gone horribly horribly wrong, Eliza wakes up to find herself in a state of not quite death and not quite life, with a mysterious creature in a well for her only company. After an effective use of a pun to introduce themself, the mysterious well demon gives her a proposal, assist him in saving “their world” and they will rectify the mistakes that Eliza made.

This comic looks to be extremely interesting, with the first few pages serving as a very strong hook for potential readers. Not only is the main character a Pokémon Ranger, a fandom that has lacked a lot of representation in big name Pokémon comics for years, but it is also a PMD comic, allowing it to service two niches at once. It is also obvious that the two authors of this comic are very knowledge of both spin-off franchises given that they make subtle references to both fandoms, with details such as jokingly calling the Ranger Styler a “Beyblade” to having the mysterious well demon reference wiping people’s memories. It makes for a very promising start for the rest of the comic.

In addition, the comic is entirely in black and white. While this is typically makes it a lot more difficult for a webcomic to be successful, PMD: Rangers of Sky thrives in it. The authors use it to very effectively convey tone and set the mood. The best instance of this thus far, in my opinion, is on page 4 of the prologue. On this page it is revealed that the Pokémon the Ranger duo are facing has the ability Unnerve. The authors do a really great job of using the dark black to narrow the focus onto just the face of Eliza and the Pokémon. It very effectively conveys the same sense of fear that is likely running through Eliza has she falls under the spell of this dangerous ability. For a scene that had been primarily white up until this point, using the darkness in this way really just ups the fear factor and makes their opponent much more terrifying, especially when we see it again on the next page. This is by far not the only instance of an effective use of the balance between black and white, with another example being when Eliza enters the dimension of the well demon the scene shifts from a primarily white background to a primarily black background (which is potentially somewhat of a hint of the true identity of the well demon). It’s just very exciting to see a comic thrive in this sort of medium that I have seen so many other comics struggle with so I am looking forward to seeing how else the authors make use of it for their storytelling in the future.

Speaking of the authors, let’s talk about them a little bit! PMD: Rangers of Sky is authored by two people: GreyCorsola and Solaris127h. Having met both authors previously, I can say that they are both wonderful people who are very passionate to work on this project together. In the past they’ve also worked on other comics, Pokémon Grey and Pokémon Colosseum: Renewal, but it appears for the time being that they have both suspended these comics to work on PMD: Rangers of Sky. Due to the collaborative nature of their comic, the two authors have set up different accounts across the web to post their comics on rather than on their own personal accounts. This makes the comic easily bingeable on sites like Deviantart since you don’t have to wade through the clutter of other deviations to find the comic pages. All in all it seems like the best choice these two could have made for posting their comic.

So if you’re eager to read this comic, you’re in luck! There’s several different places you can read the comic’s latest updates. PMD: Rangers of Sky can be found on ComicFury, Deviantart, Tapas, and Webtoons. ComicFury and Deviantart have been set up to be the Desktop friendly versions of the comic while Tapas and Webtoons have mobile-optimized versions so depending on what platform you’re on there’s a site for you! In addition, since the authors also recently joined the PXR community, once the comic resumes its updates in September, you’ll be able to find it under the “Crossroads Comics” section too every time it updates.

And be sure to check out all the comics that are included in this week’s lineup as well! Until next time, see ya!

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