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Art Fight: Pokémon Spotlight

Check out these cool Pokémon themed Art Fight pieces!

As the clock tolls noon on August 10, Art Fight has officially ended its 2020 season. Team Sugar and Team Spice have been hard at work fighting for the first place spot with a constant neck and neck battle for who will claim victory. While only one team can be victorious, everyone is a winner in terms of art drawn and art received. Since Pokémon OCs are very prevalent on Art Fight, we wanted to take a little time to spotlight all the great artwork coming out of this epic event.

What is Art Fight?

First though, an explanation is in order. What is Art Fight? For those unacquainted, Art Fight is a month long event where artists are assigned on one of two teams. They then must attack members of the opposing team by drawing a character or characters of opposing artists. The attacks are rated automatically by a calculator on the site which scores the pieces on a variety of factors including number of characters, degree of shading, the finish level, etc. It is overall an extremely fun and competitive event that has taken place on a wide scale since the late 2000s. If you are interested to learn more about the event, the site gives an official run down of the event on their site as well, which you can find by clicking here.

Due to the nature of Art Fight, we will be spotlighting both the artist who drew the artwork featured here and the creator of the character. In some cases, social media may not be available for the creator artist, so we will be linking to the Art Fight account instead. Please keep in mind that Art Fight requires an account to access most parts of the site, including user pages.


Kicking us off is an artist that started participating in Art Fight last year, SaraElizabeth-J. You may recognize her as the author of a Connected Destinies, which has appeared on Crossroads Comics many times. The piece above was a revenge piece against Team Sugar member, Fulgarite, of their OC, Raine. Raine is a Milotic Vaporeon fusion and looks absolutely graceful swimming through the water in this picture by Sara. With the impeccable lighting and depth of scene, it is no wonder this piece received a high score.


Next up is Yolk-sac, a member of Team Spice this year. They have drawn a wide variety of characters for their attacks this year, including a couple Pokémon! Featured here are Volga the Drifloon and Gabriel the Spritzee, who belong to Wrenanator and Noblejanobii respectively. Both of these pictures are very dynamic and I especially love the way Volga pops out of the background in their piece. They’re creative and overall very pleasing to look at, making for some of my favorite attacks that Yolk-sac has done so far this year.


Next up is a piece by vensArt. This artist is no stranger to Pokémon and has done a variety of attacks this year featuring them. One of my personal favorite attacks was a Friendly Fire attack on YeeshaStone featuring a ranger class Articuno from YeeshaStone’s Pokémon D&D series. Ven does a beautiful job bringing out the legendary-ness of this beast and makes it into something that any foe would quake at the sight of.


Next up is another member of Team Spice, Penpeaches! They’re kicking their first year off with a bang by making lots of wonderful art of many different Pokémon and human/humanoid characters. Among them was an attack on Miss Misty featuring the members of Team Pirates. A tavern seems like the perfect place for pirates to throw a party, yeah? Penpeaches also does a great job making the area feel lively by including silhouettes of different characters, including a few of their own. It makes the scene feel even more alive and more like an actual tavern, making it well worth the high score it received.


Next up is another first year and member of Team Spice, Earthtonequeen. They have decided to do all their attacks in the traditional medium this year, so all of their attacks are done with ink, marker, gel pen, and colored pencil. They have done many different beautiful pieces featuring Pokémon, Warrior Cats and more. Featuring above are Lemon the Ampharos and Lisette the Pyroar/Raichu, which belong to Sheeparoos and Penpeaches respectively. All of their pieces are beautiful and display a great knowledge of the traditional medium. Earthtonequeen really does not let the medium prevent them from bringing out the characters’ personalities and true colors in their pieces and it’s just astounding to see each piece they complete.


Next up is one of my favorite new-to-me artists, YeeshaStone. YeeshaStone is a sculptor and digital artist who is best known for their Pokémon D&D project. This Art Fight they are mainly focusing on sculpting and have created a wide variety of sculptures of people, Pokémon, Hollow Knight characters, and much much more. Above are just a few of the sculptures they have done this year, featuring Gabriel the Spritzee and Judith the Galarian Ponyta, a Rockruff, and Itli the bird. Gabriel and Judith belong to Noblejanobii and Itli belongs to Latitude North. What I like even more about YeeshaStone’s work is not only are the sculptures very creative and detailed despite their small size, but YeeshaStone will also send them to the artists for a few dollars to cover the cost of the clay and shipping. Not only is a super cool to have little statues of your characters made in general, but getting to own them makes it even better.


Next up is Samadriel, who some may recognize as the author of PMD: Hellfire. They’ve been on a roll with their pieces this year, doing everything from complex scenes to beautiful headshots. This one in particular is one of my favorites because the background is just absolutely breathtaking. The way the colors all weave together to create something so pleasing to look at is astounding. Samadriel really outdid themself with this one and the effort they put into this piece clearly shows. What’s more, this was a Friendly Fire attack against user Precious-Lemons, meaning this elaborate piece was worth 0 points! Just goes to show how much effort Samadriel is willing to put forward for a friend.


Up next is another revenge attack, this one on Noblejanobii featuring her OCs, Miyako the Sableye on a date with Valentine and Christian the Slowbro. This also happened to be YamiCreampuff‘s first attack of the game, since Noblejanobii selected YamiCreampuff to be her “first blood” of the game. YamiCreampuff had stated that they had intended to include more Pokémon in the picture but ended up sticking with just the Sableye and Slowbro since they weren’t sure where the rest of the team would go. That said, the scene is very cute and the background is breathtaking, a notable trademark of many of their artworks. I highly recommend taking a look at the rest of their work if you get the chance because it is very pleasing to look at.

Vee Sketch

This adorable little purple Vulpix makes for a great next feature. Drawn by Vee Sketch, this was an attack on Thiccs featuring their character, Wisteria! I love how dynamic the pose is for this character and the addition of a Leppa Berry is a very nice touch. It’s obvious that Wisteria is pleased to have received such a yummy snack as well!



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Art fight attack on veesketch

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Speaking of revenge attacks though, Thiccs didn’t spare Vee Sketch from their wrath! In return for drawing Wisteria, Thiccs drew Vee Sketch‘s OC, Sil the Cyndaquil! Sil also got a yummy snack along with the picture, so hopefully that’s a happy dance and not a “help me this is too spicy” dance. Either way it makes for a really cute pairing of pictures that have a neat theme between them.




This next piece has a really cool visual effect to it that is reminiscent of something like The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Aptly named “Duality”, this attack features PKNerdCatFox‘s character, Emilio. The Umbreon/Eevee has a very interesting design that has him split down the in a mix of black and white, like the Yin and Yang. This is somewhat mimicked in Emilio’s personality, who is known to be very kind and caring towards his friends, but absolutely ruthless towards his enemies. Gatorrrrr represents this very well here, with the top lined drawing depicting Emilio as happy and joyful, the white half of his body much more visible. The second underlying lineless image represent Emilio’s darker side, with a much more manical expression and the darker part of his body being more prevalant, seving as a figurative and literal shadow for the upper image. It’s a very creative image that I thing brings out the character’s personality very well.


PKNerdCatFox wasn’t going to take this attack lying down though! They quickly dished out a revenge against Gatorrrrr featuring their OC, Navy the Dewott. The composition for this piece is very cool, with the character being somewhat submerged in a glass of boba tea! It’s a really neat and creative way to incorporate Navy into a unique setting, and one that works really well given Dewott’s a water type. There’s a couple other non-Pokémon attacks featured here as well, including an attack on XRed-Moon and SilverStarStrike.


DrawingLeo was very active during their first week of Art Fight, letting of a bunch of attacks, with several Pokémon related ones. Specifically, the Pokémon attacks include Noblejanobii‘s Maru the Riolu, Tikki_Togekiss‘s Trixter the Banette, and Lionheartedphoenix‘s Quinn the Umbreon. Other victims of these attacks include Sherb42, Sheeparoo, PresidentPoppy, SillyHoneyBee, FalconHusky, RainFlowDraws, and SoleiLemon. One of the things I really like about Leo’s art here is that while all the backgrounds are rather simple, they create a great contrast to the characters themselves, allowing those characters to pop out more. Like Maru, for example, is primarily orange in color, so the cooler tone of the purple makes her stand out a lot more without also distracting from the bright sky blue of her scarf. It shows a great understanding of color theory and makes these backgrounds really excel in bringing the whole piece together.


It’s always a really nice feeling when you finish off all your due revenges, and XRed-Moon just happened to do so with several Pokémon related attacks! It’s really interesting to see all the attacks side by side like this because they’re all so different in commposition. What’s more, you can see all of the attacks that XRed-Moon did for the duration of Art Fight in this giant Twitter thread. It’s really worth lookng through to see all the great art so be sure to check it out!


Flame-Shadow got a bit of a late start with Art Fight this year, but that didn’t stop them from producing a lot of great art. And while most of their art this year was Hollow Knight related, they did do a few Pokémon related pieces, like this one Vibrava! They belong to Lionheartedphoenix and have the cutest little expression on their face! Flame-Shadow is also doing their best to be more active on Twitter nowadays so be sure to check them out there and on their other sites.




Next up is a PXR resident artist, Scrollwyrm. They joined Art Fight rather late but that didn’t stop them from attacking another PXR user, Noblejanobii! They put together a cute little scene featuring Shiso the Shaymin and Sparkobii the Jolteon at the Shaymin Café! They did a lot other adorable pieces too so be sure to check their art out when you get the chance!


Our final feature of today is… me! This was my second year participating in Art Fight and I took on the challenge of putting together a giant group pic of all the Shaymin related OCs I could find. It took me about 9 days to put together and features 41 characters in all! It was a really fun experience and while I may not replicate it again next year, it was definitely a fun experience to do this year.

There were plenty of other artists that we couldn’t feature this year due to the site crashing and other things, but we hope you enjoyed this little sampling of all the great artwork that featured Pokémon from this year’s Art Fight. As we anxiously await to see which team came out on top, let us take a moment to enjoy all the wonderful art that was put together this year.

Until next time, see ya!

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