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Crossroads Comics #123-Gamer Café

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re taking a look at Gamer Café. Gamer Café is a gag-a-day style comic that focuses mostly on video games with some anime and other “nerd stuff” (as the author puts it) thrown in too. It focuses mostly on the three main characters, Derryl, Mana, and Warren, as they work for a Gaming Café. Much of the comic focuses on the author speaking through the cast, giving his personal opinions on various games, shows, etc. The comic also introduces other characters such as Oria, Heidi, and Tori to help provide alternate perspectives on the game and its issues. Character interactions can help to show the dynamic between old and new fans, or how different fans feel about the game as a whole, such as this recent strip about Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

That isn’t all the comic focuses on though. On occasion the story will deviate and focus on the personal lives of the character. New members will join and leave the café, resulting in a semi-rotating cast. In addition, the strips can sometimes focus on personal relationship and how lives have been impacted by the pandemic. It does well to change up the pace every once in a while to something a bit more serious so it isn’t laughs or game reviews all the time. That said, as a result of this, there is a bit of an overarching story, and so while it isn’t required for readers to read the comic as a whole from start to finish, starting from the beginning allows for the more serious, plot driven strips to make sense.

One thing that I really like about this comic that I’ve always found rather interesting is that the comic is done mostly in grayscale, with the exception of eye and hair color. Members of the café will have their hair and eyes colored in to help signify that they’re the main characters. As a result, it can create some really emotional moments with a character loses their color, because it means they’ll be leaving the main cast. And while you do still see these characters from time to time, since there are recurring background characters that are recognizable, you won’t see them as much as you used to, if at all in some cases. I’ve always found it to be a really interesting and effective touch to the story telling.

So if you’d like to read Gamer Café, be sure to check it out on ComicFury. You can also follow the creator, Daz Keaty, on Twitter and Patreon.

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