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Crossroads Comics #130-Exorcist from Hell

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re taking a look at Exorcist from Hell. This is a comic that I discovered per chance while browsing ComicFury but quickly can to love it. The story centers on Solem, Lucy, and Marlene Jones. Just your typical nuclear family unit. Except Lucy is an exorcist who summoned Solem, a demon from Hell, and after the two fell in love, they had Marlene. Now Marlene must learn to overcome the difficulties of balancing the life of a half demon, but that’s unfortunately a lot easier said than done. Marlene’s appearance draws a lot of attention, mostly negative. This has resulted in years of trouble at school due to bullying, most of which Marlene lashes back out at. But when a new girl named Janice attempts to befriend Marlene, it leads to the possibility that maybe, just maybe, this school year won’t be nearby as bad as the previous.

On top of just being a really neat premise of a story, one thing this comic really excels at is its character designs. You can obviously tell Marlene isn’t human, but also she definitely looks like a mixture of her parents, especially once you see Solem in his human form. Marlene looks a lot more like Solem than Lucy, but there’s little details of Marlene’s design that help make the connection to her mother as well. The best example of this comes in the form of the swirl on the top of Marlene’s head. This cowlick bears a distinct resemblance to the swirl in Lucy’s hair, even if the placement isn’t the same. It’s a really nice touch that I like a lot. There’s also a diversity in skin tones, hair styles, and clothing which creates a lot of unique designs, which is great for a human comic to have since many of them can fall into same face syndrome territory if they are not careful. But Exorcist from Hell does well to fight against this with its diverse designs that emphasize other aspects of each character.

So be sure to give this comic a read through if you’re interested! You can read it on ComicFury!

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