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Crossroads Comics #157 – Ask Wasteland Labs

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re taking a look at Ask Wasteland Labs by Mod Jazzy. Fair warning to all potential readers, this blog is a combination of Pokemon and SCP, and as such it covers sensitive themes and horror aspects. The blog itself is rated 14+, as nothing super graphic will be show, but sensitive content including swearing, body horror, alcohol, and drug use may come up. Mod Jazzy has kindly provided a list of all the warnings for sensitive content on the blog itself, which you can find here, so be sure to check that out in case you think this blog may not be right for you. Now with that disclaimer out of the way, let’s get talking about this cool blog!

So what is Ask Wasteland Labs? This story follows Jennifer Costalla, better known as JenniChu, who has just gotten out of a really rough relationship and has moved back home to be with her family near the city. As she reconnects with her immediate family, all seems to be going well until their past ties with the SixCent Partnership comes back to haunt them in the worst possible ways. Already this blog is fairly unique in that its cast is pretty much entirely anthro, which you can see best with JenniChu herself. There aren’t a ton of true anthro blogs in the community, with most blogs preferring to stick to the feral side of things. And while there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, it’s very nice to see an anthro blog every once in a while to spice things up. Additionally, as preciously mentioned this is a Pokemon SCP mixture blog, with the SixCent Partnership likely being a reference to the SCP Foundation. And if the original meaning of SCP is anything to go back (Secure, Contain, Protect), then you know we’re dealing with some messed up creatures. Already this blog has given us a glimpse of what sorts of creatures we might see during its full run, and with the way the story is currently going, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of the SixCent Partnership very soon. I can’t say much about the blog without delving into too many spoilers, but overall while it deals with heavy topics, Ask Wasteland Labs does not shy away from hard discussions about things people might find too uncomfortable to sit through. Additionally, it handles its horror elements super well. For a while, I wasn’t sure how it was going to handle the horror side of things, but Mod Jazzy quickly laid my curiosities to rest after dropping an update at the end of the PokeAsk Valentine’s Event that shook many members of the community to our cores. Not only was it terrifying but also brilliantly well made and is a testament to how skilled a writer Mod Jazzy is.

Spoilers Ahead

But enough talking vaguely, let’s get into the specifics! What makes this blog so interesting? Well from the onset it’s actually not super clear it’s an SCP blog (though in hindsight the hints were always there). When you get into the story you might think something like I did, that this is just a story about a girl learning to reconnect with her family and move past her jerk of an ex-boyfriend. And while this story is about those things, it’s got a far more sinister element to it that makes it all the more interesting. For example, we learn pretty much right away that Mason, JenniChu’s younger brother, wears hearing aids. This is a character trait that, for the most part, is rather unassuming. It could have something to do with his backstory or it could simply be disability representation, the possibility for both is there. However, during the Valentine’s event in early 2021, it became much more clear why Mason had these hearing aids. The March 7th update is what really kicks the SCP elements into full gear and causes the blog to show its true colors. If you were clueless about the crossover up until then, you weren’t ignorant to it anymore.

I remember when this update first went live, it hit me like a truck. What seems like it should be a cute little video ending to the Valentine’s event clearly becomes something different when you see those warnings. The video itself starts off innocent enough, with Mason fetching a stuffed animal for his mom from a crane game, but it quickly goes on a darker path as the video descends into a PTSD induced flashback where we see a traumatic event from Mason’s childhood. Back when Mason’s father worked for the SixCent Partnership, he had brought Mason with him for a “bring your child to work day” event. But as we see in the video, this quickly goes wrong as a creature manages to escape containment and attack many of the residents. This creature itself is a Pokemon version of SCP-1048-A, a teddy bear shaped SCP that emits a high-pitched shriek. As we see in the video, this shriek can cause major damage to people who hear it, and is the reason for Mason’s hearing loss. The video ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, with the Teddiursa SCP managing to escape the room it was trapped in as it crawls towards Mason. It’s unclear exactly what happened from there, but we see in following updates that JenniChu quickly rushes Mason home, where her father is speaking with their Uncle Drew.

After this update we cut back to Uncle Drew and Father, who make it very clear that these SCP elements are much more directly tied to this family than we once thought and might even have major consequences to their lives in the future. These two updates solidify Father’s connection to the SixCent Partnership as Drew tries to strongly urge Father to return to the company. From the way it sounds, Father is doing his best to not return, as the incident with Mason was no doubt scarring for the family as a whole, but it’s unclear if he really has much of a choice. This coupled with the rumors at the beginning of the blog detailing people going missing seems to indicate something much more sinister about the the SixCent Partnership, whether it be them forcing people to return to the company or potentially not alerting the general public to the escape of various SCPs. Either way, it’s something to look forward to as we progress further into the blog.

And this hasn’t even broached the storyline with JenniChu herself. Prior to the introduction of all the SCP elements, there is a whole other storyline involving JenniChu’s ex and their abusive relationship. It is a tough topic to read through as it deals with miscarriages and anorexia, amongst other things, but it lays the foundation on pretty thick, allowing for JenniChu’s personality to get built up fast and create the groundwork for a future arc involving said-ex. It’s not clear at this time if this blog will be entirely SCP focused or if it will have non-SCP arcs, but if the latter does end up being the case, I feel like it will end up involving JenniChu’s ex boyfriend. Though I would not complain if he got gobbled up by some SCP either, just based on what we’ve heard about him so far.

Spoilers End

All in all, Mod Jazzy is an extremely talented creator who manages lots of different blogs, with Ask Wasteland Labs just happening to be one of my favorites. I’m very excited to see it updating again and what is planned for the future. As someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience with the SCP franchise, this is an interesting first experience with it and I think even if you aren’t familiar with the franchise, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this ask blog as a whole. It’s definitely more on the mature side but it’s a worthwhile read purely on the writing and interesting characters alone. And this doesn’t even acknowledge the effort put into some of the updates, especially the video one. Mod Jazzy really goes above and beyond for their blogs and it’s worth being recognized for.

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