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Listener Feedback: A World Tour of Tabletop!

Listener Feedback 6
Welcome to another segment of Listener Feedback.

We are going around the world today with a whirlwind of Pokemon tabletop podcasts. Today we are featuring listener responses from the listeners of three fine Pokemon Tabletop podcasts. First we will take you around the world with Pokemon World Tour: United. Next, we will go on a quest with Quest Company Junior and their fine podcasts. Lastly, we will hear about some lovely Ditto with Critical Ditto.

Let us not waste daylight! We have plenty of Listener Feedback!

About Pokemon World Tour: United

Pokemon World Tour: United is the tabletop podcast that sprouted from the similar namesake, Pokemon World Tour. This podcast is a tabletop podcast that takes place in the world of Kanto but..Twenty years in the future! Many things have changed but some still stay the same.

The story of Pokemon World Tour: United follows young new trainers Rose Jenny played by Jake and Cobalt Carl Elm played by Josh. Together they travel the land of Kanto in the future that was created by Dungeon Master Alan. They will take on various gym leaders control by listeners of the show and the devious Team Rocket. Will they be the best like anybody ever was? Perhaps if they can bend the rules of their campaign just right.

Now, lets listen to what Cody has to say about Pokemon World Tour: United.

Cody Says

What do you love about Pokemon World Tour: United?
It’s a lot of fun and they actively avoid being bogged down by the awful rules they’re playing with.

What is your favorite moment from the podcast?
The sky battle tournament, just for how unnecessarily mean Rose is.

What would you tell the podcast members if you ever met them in real life?
Jake is one of the best examples of good masculinity I have ever encountered.

Thank you for the feedback Cody. It is certainly true. Jake and Josh do not let things like rules to stop them from having a good time. Especially when it comes to Rose who seems to hate following the rules and she was raised by cops.

Our next response comes from Harry.

Harry Says

What do you love about Pokemon World Tour: United?
Fantastic role play of life with Pokemon.

What is your favorite moment from the podcast?
My favorite part was when they met Articuno.

What would you tell the podcast members if you ever met them in real life?
I’m so hyped for the tournament arc, hope you had fun with it.

Well Harry. You will be happy to hear that the tournament arc is under way right now in Pokemon World Tour: United. It sounds good so far and it has been pretty unique so far. Hopefully you are enjoy it!

Now, let us hear some feedback for Quest Company Junior and their family of podcast.

About Quest Company

post cards from pearl
Quest Company and Quest Company Junior is a podcast production group run by Jonah. Their goal is to bring fun at the table, fun for the whole family. They have two podcast.

The first podcast is their flagship podcast, Postcards from Pearl. This podcast is a tabletop campaign run by Jonah with Sarah playing…Pearl. Now, Pearl is a whole bunch of wacky and hijynx and it shows as she takes on the gyms of the Kinoko Region. Though, she has to take on the nasty team called Team Nasty! Luckily she has her best friend Sealy the Dewgong, her new Pokemon friends and Luca.

The other Pokemon podcast under the Quest Company is Kinoko Origins! This podcast is a spinoff from Postcards from Pearl. It goes deep into the past of Kinoko and features young trainers Virgil and Jacques! Together they travel the Kinoko region of old taking on various Pokemon could only be seen as tales from legends.

Now, let us hear from some fans of Postcards from Pearl. We will be starting with M. Bea.

M. Bea Says

What do you love about Postcards from Pearl?
The voices, the actors, the story! There is genuine love behind the work put into this podcast, and it shines through the characters in every episode!

What is your favorite moment from the podcast?
Whenever Pearl introduces herself to a new NPC!

What would you tell the podcast members if you ever met them in real life?
Thank you. Your work helps a lot, in more ways than I could even know myself. The story, humor, and unwavering love for fun allows me to keep a sense of that within my own person and art. Thank you!

Pearl is really a character. No matter what she does, the girl knows how to put a smile on your face. She can take any gray day and just fill it with sunshine. And it shows whenever she meets a new character because nobody (outside of Team Nasty) can resist being friends with her. Well said M. Bea!

Now, let us hear from Josh W. about what they love about Postcards from Pearl.

Josh W. Says

What do you love about Postcards from Pearl?
The bubbly energy, creativity, positivity and down right adorable-ness!

What is your favorite moment from the podcast?
When Pearl chose the Togepi egg.

What would you tell the podcast members if you ever met them in real life?
You two are amazing, and thank you for providing immense joy and happiness to me and countless others!

Yes. From the energy to creativeness to, as you said it, down right adorable-ness. It is all there with this podcast! Simply the best and can make one look forward to each and every episode.

We will not take a look at some Listener Feedback for Kinoko Origins. Here is what listener Scott S. had to say.

Scott S. Says

What do you love about Kinoko Origins?
I love the older setting and the chemistry of the GM and players. Also, CHUD is pretty loveable.

What is your favorite moment from the podcast?
Probably when Chev the Eevee used Covet for the first time and they started calling the move Mug instead.

What would you tell the podcast members if you ever met them in real life?
I’d tell Jonah he’s one of my favorite GMs of all the podcasts I have listened to. Great energy and keeps things going pretty smoothly.

Jonah is a pretty amazing DM. He has taken the world from one podcast and transform it to create something with a different feel. His creativity knows no bounds.

About Critical Ditto

Critical ditto
Critical Ditto is a Pokemon Tabletop podcast is the story of a trio of misfits force together to save the region from different fractions that is wanting to take over region they call home. If that sounds serious then do not think that this tabletop is. Kenny, Theo and Brandi are far from that (Well, maybe Theo) and maybe that is what makes this podcast so charming.

When you listen to Critical Ditto then you will be hearing a campaign where Stew may be the dungeon master in charge but it is a not just him. The story is being told with input from not only the roleplayers Ali, David and Tom. It is being told with the help of their listeners. That is the real transformation magic of Critical Ditto.

Now, how about we take a look at one more piece of feedback. This time from Alex W. for Critical Ditto.

Alex W. Says

What do you love about Critical Ditto?
The great storytelling and roleplay element and fun atmosphere.

What is your favorite moment from the podcast?
Every episode is great but the Halloween Special as very memorable, along with the Foul Play arc.

What would you tell the podcast members if you ever met them in real life?
Thank you for making such a fun and enjoyable podcast, and I’m always looking forward to the next episode.

Thank you Alex for these amazing words for Critical Ditto. Things do seem pretty improvise on the spot but these Dittos really do know how to bring it together to tell an amazing story. No moment is wasted as several great moments have been made.

Now, we are out of time for today. I would like to thank everybody who decided to call in and talk about Pokemon World Tour: United, Quest Company and Critical Ditto. We still have plenty of Listener Feedback to share. So come back next time to see if you are in our next feature! Or just come in to see why people love their favorite Pokemon Podcast!

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