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Crossroads Comics #170 – The Adventures of Mum!

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re taking a look at The Adventures of Mum! A Pokemon Shield Hardcore(ish) Nuzlocke! by Ookum Spookums. This is a comic that takes the traditional story of Pokémon Shield and asks the question, what would happen if Gloria and Hop went into the Slumbering Weald, only to never come back out? Well, it’d be up to Mum to save them of course!

Spoilers Ahead

Since most nuzlocke protagonists these days tend to be kids, teenagers, and young adults, it’s not often that we get to follow the tale of an older trainer, making this an extremely interesting concept from the get go. The Adventures of Mum! does really well to show this sort of disconnect, as Mum, or Ms. Shield, definitely knows the basics to being a trainer but isn’t fully familiar with the ins and outs of the field like an aspiring newbie might. This is only furthered by the fact that she doesn’t really want to be a trainer and is insistent that she can speak with Leon without taking on the Galar Gym Circuit. This creates a bit of dramatic irony, since we as the readers know full well that Ms. Shield will have to take on the league in some capacity in order to speak him, otherwise this wouldn’t be a very interesting comic, haha.

With that said, knowing that this isn’t a traditional retelling of Pokémon Shield allows a lot more creative freedom for the author and I’m curious to see what all they’ll do with it. Already we’ve seen Sonia somewhat fill in for Hop’s role in the story so it’ll be interesting what other characters get more prominent roles as the story continues. The Adventures of Mum! notably hasn’t really inserted any “original” characters yet, with the entire cast so far consisting of characters you already seen in Pokémon Shield, including Ms. Shield herself, leading me to believe that any sort of story changes will result in pre-existing characters being featured more prominently rather than the introduction of new ones. However, since I don’t know what Ookum Spookums has planned, we can’t rule out the introduction of new faces either. Regardless, it will make for a fascinating read.

The one character I’m most interested in seeing though is Leon. The comic has made it clear so far that Leon was very much impacted by Hop’s disappearance, which is very reasonable considering how close the two brothers were. Given how prominent Leon is in the original Pokémon Shield storyline, acting as a positive force that keeps the moral of the Galar region high, I am very curious about how Hop’s disappearance will change his demeanor and what sort of effect it’ll have on the region as a whole. It’s very well possible that we could see Champion Leon replace Chairman Rose as the main villain for this comic. If that’s the case though, I do wonder what that will mean for Chairman Rose. It’s possible the two could sort of flip roles, where Chairman Rose helps Ms. Shield various times throughout her journey while Champion Leon acts as sort of this mysterious villain, but we won’t know for sure until we meet either character.

Spoilers End

One other thing that I really like about this comic is its art style and the way it tells its story. While the designs for all the characters thus far are all pretty much on-model, Ookum Spookums has done amazingly well at characterizing them all to make them all very memorable. Tooks the Skwovet in particular stands out just because of the many Jojo references this Pokémon has made while battling. This comic also is a bit text heavy at times, but it does well to balance out those areas with super cute artwork, acting almost like a journal/scrapbook, which is a style I really like!

The Adventures of Mum! A Pokemon Shield Hardcore(ish) Nuzlocke! is only two chapters along at this point so it’s a short and sweet read that I highly recommend. If you wanna check it out, head on over to the Nuzlocke Forums, as that’s the only place that I could find where this super cool comic is currently available.

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