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VIDEO: The Updated Pokerap

Are you ready for the updated PokeRap?

Hang on because this is going to be a long one. After all, the original PokeRap was made back when there was only a 150 Pokmeon. Now over 700 Pokemon has been added to make that number over 900 Pokemon! Though, there may be new Pokemon with new lyrics, surely old time Pokemon fans may recognize a few familiar lyrics.

Still, what makes this PokeRap special is that it features art from over 900 artists from various part of the internet! And each Pokemon gets their own unique artist with their own unique art style!

So you will want to sit in and take a listen to Matsuyoriffic rapping and singing by Joshucava. Meanwhile, watch as you see artistic renditions of all your favorite Pokemon. You may even spot your favorite artist during this PokeRap. I know our own NobleJanobii was able to get in with art of her favorite Pokemon!

So go ahead and take a watch and listen to this updated PokeRap!

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