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Crossroads Comics #50-Cookie Floofs

It’s the big 5-0! It’s time for Crossroads Comics!

We’ve been working towards this point for a while! It’s our fiftieth edition of Crossroads Comics! So to celebrate we’re looking at a comic that’s run by one of the moderators on PXR! Authored by the lovely Nekomata, it’s Pokemon Rising Shadows! This is a comic that has been running for a while now and has seen vast improvement over the years. It starts Naya, a flareon with amnesia and an affinity for water. She joins Mist the Mismagius and Talon the Zangoose as they journey across the land on various adventures not only to figure out the mystery behind Naya’s memory loss but also deal with an ancient battle that ultimate could destroy the world. It’s been one of my favorite comics for a long time and even has a dub in the works with a casting call having just been put out! So now’s a great time to catch up!

Crossroads Comics
PMD: Explorers of Life It was a rush delivery!
Pokemon Rising Shadows Cookie for Naya!
Shinka: The Last Eevee Time to leave the sketchy forest.

Smackjeeves Comics
Fault Lines A predator approaches?
Kilroy Just let the boy go to bed!
Mokepon So much for victory.
PMD: Evolution Aura powers activate!
PMD: Outlanders A couple of rangers have shown up!
PMD: Team Rowanberry Poor Opal…
The Night Grows Pale It’s back! Will Rowlet choose him?
Treon Gate Time for history class!

Deviantart Comics
Acceptance It’s back!!
Break Free The climax swiftly approaches.
Champion’s Mercy A new journey is about to begin.
Emerald Nuzlocke: The Burning Sky Who could his partner be?
Genesis: A Gijinka Story I’m sure he’ll figure it out soon.
Low Probability Look at how cute these character designs are!
PMD: Adventures of Team Sunflower Oof… awkward.
The Stars Shine Bright Oooh the plot thickens just as the chapter ends!

Off-site Comics
Armistice Nuzlocke A few nuzlocke is blooming on the horizon.
Ava’s Demon Quite the look of disgust there.
Behind the Gif GET THAT EGG!!
Daughter of the Lilies I mean it’s kinda funny.
Freaking Romance So he could see her this entire time!
PMD: Team Fire-fox Kyuubi for guildmaster 2k19!
Save Me Is Jin starting to catch on?
Wringlocke Helloo00000???

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