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VIDEO: NO ABILITIES! Biggest Winners and Losers In Pokemon Let’s Go

Winners and Losers
With no abilities, who are the real losers?

It has been confirmed that there will be no abilities in Pokemon Let’s Go. This topic has been polarizing for many players who love abilities in their Pokemon games. I know that I love what they bring to the game.

Though, there are some Pokemon who have developed a battling style just on their abilities. How will these Pokemon fair once they have been striped of their abilities? That is a question that foofootoo wants to answer with his video!

foofootoo takes a look at all the Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go and tells you who ends up being on top with no abilities. He even those who lose the most when their abilities are gone. It is amazing at how many Mega Pokemon lose their luster once their abilities are gone. Though that opens up the door for other Mega Pokemon who don’t care. Which ones? Watch the video below to find out!

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