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Crossroads Comics #69- Ash vs Instagram

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re spotlighting another Instagram collab. The Pokémon Comic Collab is a series of Instagram comic artists coming together as gym leaders facing off against Ash. There’s a gym for every type so be sure to check out all the comics. I’ve linked them all below but they’re all also connected via links in the description of each comic to create a never ending loop for Ash’s adventure. Will he eventually become champion? Maybe if he escapes the gym badge loop.

Crossroads Comics
PMD: Explorers of Life I don’t think Grey is liking this process at all.
Shinka: The Last Eevee Now where are they running off to?

Smackjeeves Comics
Anything About Nothing A blessing in disguise.
Emerald Double Nuzlocke Challenge Come on, Gold! Get it under control!
Haphazard! Something tells me that’s not gonna happen but happy thoughts.
PMD: Great Treasure Hunt Awww what a cute little Pichu.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Saga Let’s see if they can beat him now!
PMD: Seeds of Dissonance Will that Quilava be okay?
PMD: Team Meanies Robs McDonalds Never steal another mon’s food!
Pokémon: The Essence of Being But is that a bad thing?
Yet Another PMD Comic Another legendary with their powers blocked? So Celebi isn’t the only one?

Deviantart Comics
Chamerion Where’s the bat?
Children of the Sky I wonder who intervened here. Suspicious!
Golden Shrike There’s some rising tensions going on in the herd.
Milos from Home Come on Milo, it’s not that bad. Haven’t you ever seen Finding Nemo?
Penumbra That’s some interesting worldbuilding about the Totem Pokemon.
PMD: Adventures of Team Sunflower That Hoothoot is quite intimidating.
Prion Wonder what’s so important here.
Trick of the Night Looks like some of this stuff might be a bit too expensive.
Verity Whoa, intense!

Off-site Comics
Alarmingly Bad Who you gonna call?
Amanda Panda Comics Come on Psyduck now’s not the time for a headache.
Art by Juliet I think we’ve well established that sprinklers in any fire, rock, or ground gym is a bad idea.
Beck’s Comics Shiny badge! Must get!
Bitesize Comics I don’t know Pikachu, they seem like that kind of fighting type to me.
Cat and Cat Comics It hurt itself in confusion!
Corgiyolk The good bois did their best. They all deserve love and pets.
Dogmodog Don’t forget your Klefkis at home.
Liminalost It’s always nice to dance with others.
Mushroom Movie Gotta catch em all?
Not Quite Right Comics Who turns up the thermostat in an ice gym? Oh no!! Poor Bulbasaur!
Sarenazee Not the levitation gland!
SiberianLizard Furrets are such destructive creatures.
Slow Country Comics Oof that poor Diglett.
Sveninframes I guess that’s one way to get the badge.
Swords Comic Wait wait you can buy the badges online?
Tinker_Tanner Save the Combees!
Tubby Nugget Tubby Nugget no!

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