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Crossroads Comics Mini #2- PMD: Crossroads

I’m on vacation this week so have a Crossroads Comics Mini!

This week we’re spotlighting the collaborative comic hosted on Pokemon Crossroads, PMD: Crossroads. Starring Natalya the Zorua and Edgar the Quagsire, this comic is the collaborative effort of eighteen authors. What appears to be a normal adventure quickly turns into something else when Edgar reveals he’s from another dimension and some enemies from another dimension capture an innocent pokemon to try and lure Edgar out. So now it’s up to Edgar and Natalya to save the innocent and unravel the mysteries of Edgar’s influence on the space-time continuum. Or something. Since the comic is completely a collaborative effort you never know where it will go next!

The most recent page was done by the wonderful MajorLeeMan, who does a great job progressing the story by freeing our protagonists through the power of frenship… and razor leaf. This battle has gone transdimensional and so it’s time for Edgar and Natalya to make a decision. Do they run? Do they fight? Do they save the Carnivine and Jangmo-o? Or is there some sort of secret option we’ve yet to consider? Only time, and the next author our resident Senior Admin, Neo Emolga, can tell. So stay tuned for the next update!

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