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Daily Adventure Incense Has Arrived In Pokemon GO

Daily Incense Adventure
No matter where you are, this special Incense will keep you moving, and catching ’em all!

A new item has just been discovered and it might just be one of the greatest additions to Pokemon GO since Raids. If you are lucky enough that is. The Daily Adventure Incense has been perfectly crafted to spawn Pokémon for 15 minutes, as long as you are moving. This allows you to find and catch Pokémon that wouldn’t normally spawn in the wild near you. Or so they say.

Another Way To Play

my first daily adventure incenseMost players that have tried the new feature, myself included, didn’t catch anything to spectacular. (See my personal result screen below.) But the one feature I did like about the Daily Adventure Incense, is that it gave me a reason to go outside and go for a walk. If it wasn’t for that Incense I’d probably just sit on the couch for the rest of the evening. So I really can’t be too mad that the spawns I got, weren’t amazing.

But you may be asking yourself, what else could spawn that could be so incredible? Well if you missed what Rhi said when talking about this new feature, let me sum it up for you in this quick sentence, “Most importantly, though, this Incense can attract almost any Pokémon you’ve encountered before—even Legendary Pokémon!” That’s right, you read that correctly. Legendary Pokémon can spawn in and present an opportunity for you to catch them.

While no one, that I have seen, has found any of the current Legendary Pokémon, a new trio of Birds have made there debut to a lucky few Trainers. I’m talking of course about Galarian Articuno, Galarian, Zapdos, and Galarian Moltres. In a Twitter post, Serebii updated us mentioning the reports of Galarian birds spawning through the use of the Daily Adventure Incense. His followers were quick to respond with their own findings.

This last one is the only instance I could find of someone posting about actually catching one of the elusive birds. And there are a few reasons behind why that is. Number one, there spawns are really rare. We don’t have enough data yet to determine their spawn percentage, but I’m sure the Silph Road is on the case. The other reason why comes down to the Base Catch Rate (BCR) and Base Flee Rate (BFR).

According to the folks over at Pokeminers, the BCR of the Galarian birds is 0.3%. So when a ball is thrown and captures the Pokémon, there is a 0.3% chance it will stay in the ball. The BFR of these Pokémon is 90%, meaning that if the ball pops open, there is a 90% chance it will run from you.

Another benefit of the Daily Adventure Incense, is the free ball feature. If you have fewer than or exactly 30 total Poké Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls, you will receive 30 Poké Balls when you activate Daily Adventure Incense. However, if you have more than 30 total Poké Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls, you will not receive any additional Poké Balls.

The odds are stacked against you for sure, but it has been proven that it is not impossible. Like with everything in this game, it can be changed at a moments notice, and I am very positive that these values will be altered as time goes on. Are you excited for this new addition? Have you tried it out already? We’d love to see what you’ve caught. Let us know on Twitter.

See you around, Genesect!

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