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Podcasters Questionnaire: Dunsparce & Drampa #PokemonPodcastMonth2022

Podcaters Questionnaire
We have questions and these podcasters have answers.

As part of Pokemon Podcast Month, we have asked some of our newer Pokemon Podcasters some questions. They have come far and wide in the Pokemon community to come together to answer questions regarding podcasting. Some of these questions are able the love and why they podcast. Meanwhile, we ask the hard hitting questions as in the troubles of podcasting. Overall, we wanted to give some insight on the magic of Pokemon podcasting.

Today we have the following answering our Pokemon Podcast questionnaire:
Rich from Dunsparce & Drampa

Welcome to our Podcaster Questionnaire for Pokemon Podcast Month!

What inspired you to podcast?

Dunsparce & DrampaRich: I wanted to run my own Pokémon D&D campaign after listening to Boarding Party’s and figured, why not just record it? We’re all playing on discord anyways.

What is your thought process when it comes to picking music for your podcast?

Pokemon RadioRich: Music is pretty scarce in Dunsparce & Drampa.

When you record your podcast, who do you wish to reach with it?

Pokemon RadioRich: People who love listening to D&D and also love Pokémon.

What is the hardest part when it comes to podcasting?

Pokemon RadioRich: Scheduling with the players!

What has been the best Podcast moment you have had?

Pokemon RadioRich: Live role playing/collaborative story telling is always full of surprises and delights.

Huge thank you to Rich for taking the time to answer these questions.

We hope you lovers of this fine podcast also enjoy learning a bit about what makes podcasting so amazing and challenging.

Make sure to give them a review on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcatcher! Don’t touch that Totodile! See you all next time!

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