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Dawn and Turtwig venture to Pasio!

The girl from Twinleaf Town has come to Pokémon Masters!

The next Spotlight Scout has been announced for Pokémon Masters. With it, Dawn and Turtwif are set to be obtainable. Hailing from the Sinnoh region, Dawn and Turtwig arrive as another grass type support to aid your team through the tougher battles in this game.

Dawn and Turtwig are a five star support pair capable of evolving twice to the final stage of Torterra. As always with evolutions, the movesets and abilities stay the same no matter which stage it is. Because of this, for the duration of this article we will be referring to the pair as Dawn and Turtwig, but know that this applies Their focal move type is Grass type and their weakness is Bug type. They have access to two passive abilities: Power Siphon 9 and Vigilance. Power Siphon 9 lowers the target’s Attack and raises the user’s Attack by an equal amount when the user is hit by an attack move and Vigilance protects the Pokémon from critical hits. Turtwig is able to learn two grass moves, Razor Leaf and Seed Bomb. Both are fairly powerful moves with Razor Leaf able to strike all opponents and having a high critical hit rate. Dawn also provides two moves to aid Turtwig in battle. The first is the X Defense All, which sharply raises the Defense stat of all pairs on the field. The other is Dawn’s special trainer move “Good as New!”. It fully restores an ally’s HP and removes all status conditions from an ally. It also removes the confused, flinching, and trapped conditions from an ally. In addition, when Turtwig evolves into Torterra, it gets access to the powerful Sync Move, New Dawn Wood Hammer.

This makes for a really good support pair that, unlike Lyra and Chikorita or Jasmine and Steelix, Dawn and Turtwig bust the longevity of the team through HP and status condition relief as well as beefing stats. It also has good crowd control since Razor Leaf allows for strong repeated attacks to be unleashed against the opponents. The bulk that Torterra provides makes it a good wall against physical attackers and can really help other sync pairs like Grimsley and Liepard.

So will you use Dawn and Turtwig on your team?

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