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Wanting to test a new deck with friends? Competitively? Well look no further for this might be the deck for you! I will go over the key cards to this deck but I won’t go over everything because that will take awhile. This deck is easy to build and can be very annoying to the opponent too! Took a look at this bad boy after the break!

Deck Build

Pokemon: 14

4 Litleo (Flashfire 18)

3 Pyroar (Flashfire 20)

1 Charizard EX (Flashfire 12)

2 Fennekin

1 Braxien

1 Delphox

2 Delphox EX

Trainers: 35

4 Professor Juniper

2 N

3 Blacksmith

2 Lysandre

4 Ultra Ball

3 Pokemon Catcher

4 Switch

3 Bicycle

2 Roller Skates

3 Muscle Band

2 Tropical Beach

1 Computer Search

2 Level Ball

Energy: 14

8 Fire

4 Double Colourless

Deck Review:

Pyroar: This card is the heart and soul to the deck. It’s main ability allows it not to be hit by Basic Pokemon (which is pretty darn strong).

Charizard EX: Very capable of knocking out any EX in one move.

Delphox EX: Solid card just to have.

Delphox: A Pokemon version of a Tropical Beach

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