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Double Raid Weekend…Postpone?

Triple Raid Weekend
Excited to take on Chesnaught, Great Tusk and Iron Treads?

Well! Hold your horses! It seems as if these raids are currently on pause at the moment. As of the last two hours around 9pm US Central time, raids for Chesnaught, Great Tusks and Iron Treads have been suspended.

What is Happening?

There have been apparently reports that the game would crash upon going to the rewards page for Great Tusk and Iron Treads. It is suspected that these Pokemon are dropping items that are not in the game and the game is unable to registrar the items.

Until this has been resolved, the Chesnaught, Great Tusk and Iron Treads are being put on hold. It is unknown on when they will be put back online.

Below is a tweet from Pokemon.

We will update upon changes regarding this news piece.

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