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A Dragonite Sighting at the Pokémon Center!

A new collection has you seeing Dragonites at the Pokémon Center!

A new collection has arrived at the Pokémon Center! Titled “News Flash A Dragonite Sighting!”, the collection has seven items in total. It has three pieces of apparel: an adult relaxed fit crewneck t-shirt, an adult relaxed fit hoodie, and adult mid-calf socks, all featuring Dragonite in grayscale along with the silhouettes of various other Pokémon including Caterpie, Rattata, Zubat, Weedle, and Spearow.

In addition, the collection features two PokéPlushes, one of Dragonair and one of Dragonite. It also features a sixteen ounce tumblr with the same grayscale patterns as the shirts. Lastly, the collection also features the TCG Dragonite EX Box, which includes a foil promo card of Dragonite-EX, an oversized card of Dragonite-EX, four TCG booster packs, and a code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online.

Also, several other items are now in stock on the Pokémon Center. Firstly, the standard size Growlithe Poképlush is now back in stock for all the Puppy Pokémon’s fans out there. Secondly, a new Paired Pikachu Celebrations set has been released, this time with the two Pikachus dressed like the famous Lucky Cat. To look the part, they are wearing removable Meowth hoods and beaded collars as well as holding amulet coins! Lastly, several new Pokémon TCG premium collections have come out, each centering around one of the Alolan starters and also featuring a GX card of that starter. There is also a new Battle Arenas deck featuring Black and White Kyurem.

For more information: News Flash A Dragonite Sighting!, Growlithe Poképlush, Paired Pikachu Celebrations: Good Fortune Pikachu Plush , and Pokémon TCG Sets.

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