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Eevee’s Special Move! On Community Day!

This is Eevee's last resort!
Get ready for two days of fun! With Eevee!

This Saturday will be the Pokemon GO Community Day for August featuring Eevee! Charmander will be all over the place as players try to capture as many of them as they can. This month there will be two days to capture Eevee. That way trainers will have plenty of Eevee to get all of those Eevee Evolutions.

This month’s Community Day will be this Saturday, August 11th and Sunday, August 12th! You can click here to find out when Community Day starts for your timezone. During the three hour time span on both days, trainers can expect to see triple Stardust for all captures. Like previously Pokemon GO Community Days, trainers are expecting to see Shiny Eevee. A Shiny Eevee is a gray color and can evolve into any of the Shiny Eevee Evolutions.

Lastly, any Eevee caught during the three hour time span on both Community Days will know Last Resort. This is a power Normal type move that Eevee can learn. In later generations, this move is used to preform Eevee’s Z-move, Extreme Evoboost. Even better! If you evolve your Eevee during the two days then the evolution will still know Last Resort.

Good luck in catching your Eevee this Saturday and Sunday!

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