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Elesa’s New Look in Pokemon Masters!

Elesa Sigma Suit
Unova’s top model is getting a makeover!

It has been announced that Elesa will be getting a Sigma Suit in Pokemon Masters. Everybody’s favorite top model will be donning quite an eccentric look that will shock and stun the audience. As expected from Elesa who took a dramatic new look during Pokemon Black 2 & White 2.

Elesa (Sigma Suit) will be paired with Rotom. Together, Elesa (Sigma Suit) & Rotom will become a shocking Support Sync Pair. This Sync Pair will boost Electric type attacks such as Thunder and Thundershock. Meanwhile you can expect Elesa to provide support via X Sp. Atk All and Breathtaking.

Elesa (Sygna Suit) & Rotom will be coming down the catwalk via Spotlight Scout soon in Pokemon Masters in a matter of days!

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