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Happy Anniversary to Pokemon Seicho!

Pokemon Seicho
Amazing how one year can go by so fast when you are on the tabletop.

That is because Pokemon Seicho has been doing just that for one year! Pokemon Seicho has recently celebrated their first year anniversary! They have been hitting the airwaves with the roll of their D20s for a year now!

Pokemon Seicho has gone through a few changes during the last year. It has seen players come and go while new ones taking up the dice to keep the adventure going. Currently, the story follows Trainers Cory, Dolly and Orange as they get their gym badges but tackle the evils that lurk in the Pokemon world. From evil ghosts of the past to the rise of Team Rocket!

What makes Pokemon Seicho interesting is the anime-style inspirations. Each episode of Pokemon Seicho feels as if you are listening to an anime for your ears. That is especially true for Season 3 where each episode last around thirty minutes. Just like an actual anime that you would see on TV. These thirty minute episodes make it convenient to listen to as you can now get your quick tabletop fun quick and on the go.

We have reached out to the cast of Pokemon Seicho to get their top five favorite episodes from the last year. Go ahead and listen their picks and why they were chosen!

Episode 8: Holy Moon
The premiere of Season 2 has two new trainers enter as main characters and find themselves involved in some kind of cult’s scheme

Episode 13: Burnt Orange’s Wrath
The death of someone close to Orange triggers a transformation that was long forgotten from his childhood and Targets Rory with all of his anger and fury.

Episode 20: Necrozma
The season 2 finale brings the arch to its conclusion. Will Father Kuzon succeed in summoning Necrozma from his imprisonment?

Episode 22: The Harvest festival & The Lost Children
Our Halloween special where children are going missing during the Harvest festival. Our young trainers help a detective solve the case before time runs out

Episode 23: Nugget Bridge
The season 3 premiere puts Kory in an emotional conversation with Prof Oak about the demise of Jamie and his Granddaughter. Dolly & Orange battle it out on Nugget Bridge to win a Nugget prize.

Happy anniversary to Pokemon Seicho! Make sure to wish them well wishes on Twitter and listen each week to the adventures of Cory, Dolly and Orange!

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