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Fans Gimme Thoughts on Gimmighoul

A brand new Pokemon was revealed this past weekend!

Gimmighoul was revealed in a different way this past weekend! A collaboration between Pokemon GO and social media! This little ghoul surely has a unique look that is both adorable and thoughtful. From the dousing rods on his head to the little coin on his back. You may even think that Gimmighoul pays homage to the deceptive chest monsters found in Dungeons & Dragons.

With that said, we took to Twitter to see what fans thought about Gimmighoul!

What the Fans Said on Gimmighoul

I was thinking the same thing when I saw this Pokemon! Gimmighoul is no different then a Mimic!

He sure is a lovely little guy.

Sometimes a name can be pretty simple to come up with. Especially when all Gimmighoul wants is for you to gimme gold. I mean, give him gold.

I can see you and Gimmighoul get into so much trouble.

Loving this one too!

If there is one Pokemon that has strong “Yippee” energy then it is this one!

It sounds like many fans are in love with Gimmighoul. If you are one too then let us know in the comments!

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