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Gimmighoul and Coins Found!

Strange things sure did happen this past weekend!

If you have been playing Pokemon GO and on the internet then something ghoulish happen! It seems as if a mysterious new Pokemon was found! One that loves gold and surely big chests!

What Happened?

Over the weekend, we had a Community Day Classic for Dratini. Though, something strange happen after the event. Some PokeStops turned a golden color and started to give out more items then normally. They also gave out a mysterious gold coin. Afterwards, a small gray color Pokemon started to follow you around in Pokemon GO. You wouldn’t be able to capture it but it would show a gold coin when you click on it.

Meanwhile, a Pokemon website would appear with a chest on it. Follow by a strange countdown.

So what happen?

It seems as if a brand new Pokemon from the Paldea region was being revealed! One named Gimmighoul who wants you to give it your gold!

Gimme Gold for Gimmighoul!

Gimmighoul is a brand new Ghost type Pokemon that comes in two forms! There is Gimmighoul Chest Form that can often be found in the Paldea region. Meanwhile, Gimmighoul Roaming Form can be found roaming around in Pokemon GO.

Currently we do not know much about Gimmighoul. It’s classification is the Coin Chest Pokemon and has been known to possess humans with the urge to gather coins. Gimmighoul has the Rattled ability.

A video call between Professor Willow from Pokemon GO and Mr. Jacq, a teacher from Scarlet and Violet, discuss what they know about Gimmighoul. You can watch their discussion below.

The full reveal for Gimmighoul can be watched below.

Get your gold ready! Gimmighoul is coming!

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