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Fans Say Goodbye to Bird Keeper Toby

The end of a journey.

Famed Pokemon YouTube Bird Keeper Toby has recently announced that he will be quitting YouTube. After almost ten years of making Pokemon videos regarding lore, predictions and more. Bird Keeper Toby has stated that he will spread his wings to fly out into the world to try out new things.

From whatever he does, Toby is excited and nervous about starting a brand new story of his life. Wherever that may be, Toby is wanting to do more. Pokemon or beyond.

While he is looking at this as a break, Bird Keeper Toby sounds as if he wanting to make content. Eventually. So perhaps you can expect to see him soon.

Fan Reactions

Fans came out in droves in support for Bird Keeper Toby’s decision. Below are some of the fans reactions to his announcement.

You can see more tweets of fans thanking Bird Keeper Toby by looking up the hashtag #ThankYouBirdKeeperToby.

If you want to watch Bird Keeper Toby’s announcement video regarding his decision to leave YouTube, you can watch it below.

Thank you Bird Keeper Toby.

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