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VGC 2016 Competitive Spotlight: Exeggutor


What? Your Easter eggs are evolving! If you’re like me then Exeggutor isn’t high on your list of Pokémon to take seriously in competitive play. In the VGC 2016 format, however, our favorite chubby tree from Generation 1 has some tricks up its sleeve that can prove crazy useful in a clutch. In particular it makes a great partner for Primal Groudon.

Exeggutor has access to two abilities that thrive on a Sun team. Chlorophyll doubles the Speed of the Pokémon with this ability in the Sun, allowing Exeggutor to safely deal out support moves and attacks first. Harvest guarantees the restoration of berries held by Exeggutor in the Sun. Popular berries in VGC include Sitrus and Lum, but Occa and Yache could be used to weaken common super effective attacks against Exeggutor.

Exeggutor can learn Gravity, a move that was practically unheard of until VGC 2016. Gravity increases the accuracy of attacks. This makes Primal Groudon’s Precipice Blades reliable and Exeggutor’s Hypnosis actually usable!

In a meta of rivaling weather strategies Skill Swap can be a lifesaver. Exeggutor can use this move on its Primal Groudon partner after your opponent has activated Primordial Sea. In one stroke Desolate Land will be reestablished and Primal Groudon will be given Chlorophyll, doubling its Speed.

Exeggutor’s Speed is actually pretty low, which makes it a decent Trick Room setter. Just make sure your Groudon has low Speed IVs and a negative Speed nature. Exeggutor can also dish out Worry Seed to protect teammates from pesky Dark Voids and Spores.


Here are a couple of starter builds if you’re interested in bringing Exeggutor to your team.

Exeggutor @ Mental Herb
Chlorophyll, Timid
4 HP, 252 SpA, 252 Sp
Grass Knot
Skill Swap

Exeggutor @ Lum Berry
Harvest, Sassy, 0 Sp IVs
252 HP, 4 SpA, 252 SpD
Giga Drain
Worry Seed
Skill Swap
Trick Room

Exeggutor may not have been given the chance to shine in previous years, but we’re still pretty early in the VGC 2016 season. Give it the right partners and you can decimate your opponents. Happy battling!

Señor Sableye

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