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Fantastic Fan Art: Amazing Balloon Pokemon!

Are balloons an art form? One Twitter user is proving that it is!

Today we are showing you some cool fan art in the form of balloon animals! Or perhaps we should be calling them balloon Pokemon. Twitter user 8BitBalloon has a habit of making Pokemon out of balloons and he is great at it!

Above you can see some of 8BitBalloon’s work where they made a Cosmog and Whimsicott riding on top of an Alteria. These balloon Pokemon look as if they are having a great time as they float in the air. 8BitBalloon did a great job in getting balloons that match the color of the Pokemon’s body. I love the colors used in Cosmog’s balloon body with the different shades of purple.

Below is more of 8BitBalloon’s balloon Pokemon.

8BitBalloon has vowed to Junichi Masuda that he will work hard in 2018 to make even more impressive balloon Pokemon. Best of luck in your goal!

You can check out 8BitBalloon’s balloon Pokemon by browsing his Twitter page.

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