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Fantastic Fan Art: Happy Anniversary to Pokemon XY!

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Happy Anniversary to Pokemon X & Pokemon Y!

In case you didn’t know, October 12th was the ten year anniversary for Pokemon X & Pokemon Y. These games marked a massive change into the Pokemon franchise. It was Game Freak’s first try into 3D. We also saw a massive shift in their strategy in marketing Pokemon, managing the competitive scene and general fandom. All of this started with a worldwide release of Pokemon X & Pokemon Y and the Kalos Region.

In a way to celebrate the ten year anniversary of Pokemon X & Pokemon Y, we want to show off some fantastic fan art!

Art by anidler91

First, we want to show off a beautiful and cute piece of Serena by anidler91 on Twitter! Just got to love how it looks!

Art by _TropicalSplash

Here are various piece of art by _TropicalSplash! You see some popular characters from Kalos with Sina and Dexio. And then fan favorite Pokemon, Greninja! All of them enjoying some time in Alola.

Art by joanna_ccat

We can’t forget the memories with made with the impressive Legendary Pokemon from Kalos! This piece is by joanna_ccat.

Art by BillSpooks

It sure sounds like BillSpooks has plenty of good memories regarding Pokemon X & Pokemon Y. From playing with their friends both new and old.

Art by theundeadeel

Speaking of friends. It looks as if theundeadeel remembers all the friends we met in Kalos.

Art by 120solakmp

Last but not least! We want to show off this video by 120solakmp. They show off all the characters that are in Pokemon Masters from Kalos. Each and every one that we met on our journey.

Happy ten year anniversary to Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Kalos, the wonder characters and friends we made. And remember…And to our own way.

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