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Fantastic Fan Art: Mega Audino

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are well on their way, but what can you do in the meantime? For starters you can look at beautiful fan art of the new megas featured in the upcoming Hoenn remake! There are a lot of mega Pokémon out there now and even more fan art to choose from. So let’s take a moment and focus on the majestic and alluring Mega Audino! Below are a few samples of the incredibly Mega Audino artwork out there.

Mega Audino Gijinka

First up we have this adorable Mega Audino gijinka created by deviantArt’s TheSoundOfFreedom. In order for an artist to create a gijinka they need a vision of what the Pokémon’s personality is, they need to have an idea of what they think the Pokémon represents and they have to possess some creativity! This piece is a perfect example of all of these factors coming into play. The artist gives their gijinka a gentle presence and uses light colours and light shading to communicate this. Mega Audino is a cuddly looking Pokémon and we have here a gijinka to match that!


Mega Audino Painting

Next up we have a beautiful and adventurous painting by ouroporous from deviantArt. The artist uses an array of colours to depict Mega Audino in an elegant and almost royal fashion. The painter takes risks with various colours in order to achieve a textured and light hearted look. The painting as a whole is a beautiful complement between the subject and the background. Although fairly simplistic in concept the background accentuates the subject well and highlights the colours used to create this Mega Audino.


A Gleeful Mega Audino

If there is one thing we know about Mega Audino it is that it’s a happy go lucky Pokémon! The above image is off of Pixiv and was created by an artist there, Kori. Kori’s style is all around breathtaking but this Mega Audino definitely stands out among their art. The artist takes full advantage of painting textures and opacities in this image. If you take you eyes off the adorable Audino for a second (I know it’s difficult) and focus on the tree you can see some wonderful water colour effects showing through. I especially like the almost unnoticeable detailing with the branches sticking out amongst the greenery. These sorts of details are easy to appreciate as a fellow artist. Back to the main subject though: Mega Audino! Here we have a joyful Mega Audino with cozy and warm features. It looks perfectly huggable. The artist did a great job communicating the joy of this Pokémon with a tad of sparkling and heart details. They definitely represented the attitude of this cuddly Pokémon well. Let’s hope that Mega Audino is as cute and friendly as this in game!

Mega Audino Sparkle

Finishing up this Fantastic Fan Art is . . . you guessed it! Another absolutely adorable version of Mega Audino. This one is done up by deviantArt artist Natx-chan. As usual Natx-chan captures the Pokémon art we have come to know and love but introduces more colours and depth. The shading on this piece is absolutely perfect. The combination of lowlights and highlights bring this image from flat to fantastic. The colour scheme follows what we have come to know and love about Mega Audino but regardless it’s a fresh and new take due to Natx’s art style. The line art in this image is perfected but in a fun and light hearted way. It’s important to note that it’s difficult to achieve this look with digital art. A fine balance between patience and perspective is required to create these fine lines.


All and all Mega Audino is a cute and loveable Pokémon that I hope you look forward to seeing in the upcoming games. Next time we will continue with the theme of Mega Pokémon but will focus on something a bit less fluffy! Do you have any guesses as to what it might be ? Leave your guesses with Braixen on the forums and maybe you will get your confirmation!


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