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Mega Metagross EX TCG collection details, Ancient Traits revealed

Announced in September, there’s now details of the “Mega Metagross EX collection.” Included are a shiny Metagross-EX promo, a shiny Mega Metagross-EX promo, eight booster packs a playmat featuring Mega Metagross, and a Metagross coin.


Additionally, “Ancient Traits” cards have been announced, and an Ancient trait card is distinguished by “large illustrations”, or to use a fan term, “Half art.” There will be a Sceptile and Swampert in the Primal Clash set, with “Gaia Volcano”‘s Sceptile and “Tidal Storm”‘s Swampert featuring Kyogre and Groudon’s ancient traits, though the promo Torchic will be in Japan’s release of the Mega Metagross collection, leading to speculation that more Ancient Traits cards will be released throughout the run of the XY TCG sets.


Pictures Courtesy of Pokebeach

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