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First Pokemon Memories: Noblejanobii

Blue Mystery Dungoen
Pokemon is about to celebrate their 20th anniversary so it feels like the perfect time to look back at some of our first memories! We went ahead and ask some of our forum members what are some of their first memories of Pokemon!

Today we have forum goer Noblejanobii who first memories of Pokemon involve a Mexican Pikachu. Interesting thing to note is that their first Pokemon game wasn’t any of the main series games but instead was Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team. Read below to hear Noblejanobii’s first Pokemon memories!

I started Pokemon back in the second grade. These two guys had just moved in next door and introduced me to the series. The following Valentine’s Day, I got my first pikachu plushie that I named Señor Chu after the fact that my dad had bought him in Mexico. My first game officially was actually Pokemon Blue Rescue Team, so I actually started out as a Pokemon not a trainer. But my first real game was Diamond, followed shortly thereafter by FireRed. I finished FireRed first then Diamond and then FireRed a few more times and it just took off from there.

Share your first Pokemon memories in the comments below or check out our First Pokemon Memories thread on the forums!

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