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Submit your Best Art to be featured on Pokemon TCG Cards


Did you ever want to make your own Pokemon TCG Art?  Now is your chance.  The Pokemon Company International and Nintendo of America are hosting a Pokemon Art Academy Competition from February 18 to March 29, where you can submit your best Pokemon Art Academy drawings.  The best ones in two categories, Dress-Up Pikachu and Your Favorite Pokemon, will appear on a Pokemon TCG Card.  The contest is available to artists in the United States, Mexico, or Canada (sorry Ozzies).  Six winners will be announced in May and will receive 100 of their own cards.

Before you get excited about using your own hand drawn (3DS drawn?) cards in competition, these cards will not be for sale in normal TCG products are are not eligible for use in Play! Pokemon sanctioned events. 

Don’t let that stop you though!  How cool would it be to go to school with a Pokemon card that you DREW?  To enter the competition, you must create the image in Pokemon Art Academy using Free Paint mode and submit it in the game.  Pokemon Art Academy is available for sale on the 3DS.  For more information and a link to the rules, check out the information after the break

In the Dress Up Pikachu category, your artistic skills will be used to help dress up the special Cosplay Pikachu, while in Your Favorite Pokemon category is a free paint on any Pokemon.  Below are the specific instructions for submitting artwork.

How to Enter the Pokémon Art Academy Competition
  • Create and save an image in Pokémon Art Academy using Free Paint mode.
  • Select the “Share” option from Pokémon Art Academy’s main menu and connect to Miiverse.
  • Select the “Post to Competition” option and select “I Agree” if you agree to the Official Rules.
  • Highlight the category you’d like to enter (Dress-Up Pikachu or Your Favorite Pokémon) and then choose “Select Competition”. Only the first post you make will be recognised as your entry.
  • Slide over the image and select it and then choose “Share Selected”.
  • Enter a title to accompany your artwork in the comment field and then select “Post”. The image will be posted to Miiverse and entered into the competition.
  • The only way to enter the competition directly is from the Pokémon Art Academy game, available exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

Check our the rules for more details and the press release from The Pokemon Company International.


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