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First TCG Set for Generation 9!

Scarlet and Violet
Time for a new generation in the ex era!

We have entered a new generation in Pokemon with the release of Scarlet & Violet. That also means we have entered a brand new generation in the Pokemon TCG. This means many new Pokemon and mechanics that will soon be reaching the shores of the TCG. Though, there are also a few new changes coming to your favorite TCG. All of this and more in the upcoming new set, Scarlet & Violet!

Return to ex

Coming with the debut of the Scarlet & Violet TCG set will be the return to ex! Though, we are seeing ex return similar to what was seen at the start of Generation 3. Some ex Pokemon will have more HP depending on which Stage they are. Basic ex Pokemon will have HP around 220 HP. Meanwhile, Stage 1 ex Pokemon will have HP pass 250. Lastly, Stage 2 ex Pokemon can exceed over 300 HP. Though, no matter what. All ex Pokemon will have a rule box that states that a knockout on these Pokemon will result in taking two Prize cards.

This way to handle ex Pokemon seem to be fairly balanced and scale to the investment you put into your Pokemon. Of course you expect your Stage 2 ex Pokemon to have more HP then your Basic ex Pokemon. Meanwhile, having much more powerful attacks that can change the tide of the battle in an instant. May it be with powerful attacks or abilities!

Change to Card Design

There are several new changes coming to the design of the cards! From boarders to symbols!

The most obvious change coming to the design of the cards are the boarders! Since the introduction of the Pokemon TCG to international shores, Pokemon TCG cards have had yellow boarders. Meanwhile, in Japan the cards have always had a silver boarder. With the introduction of Scarlet & Violet, Pokemon TCG cards will match the boarder used in Japan. That way it will create a seamless Pokemon TCG experience around the world. Also, it will help make the card artwork shine even more.

Also, subcategories for Trainer cards will appear in the top left corner. That means you will either see Supporter, Item or Stadium to help see the classification of Trainer card you use as you look at them in your hand.

Energy cards are also receiving a change! Not only is the art used on them is changing as usual with a new generation of the TCG. You will now see another Energy symbol at the bottom right corner to make it easier to track during gameplay.

Lastly, Pokemon TCG cards will see that Expansion symbols will be discontinued in the Pokemon TCG. From Jungle to the upcoming Crown Zenith, set Expansion symbols have been used to keep track of which set cards were released in. At one point, they were used to keep track of which cards were legal in the Standard format. Now that Expansion symbol will be replaced with an Expansion code. This code will be found on the bottom right hand side of the card where the Expansion symbol use to be. The code will be made up with SV for Scarlet & Violet along with a number to let you know when it came out during the era. Lastly, a language code to help players identify which language the card was release in. For example, EN will be used for all English cards.

Release Date

Scarlet & Violet will release in the United States on March 31st, 2023. This is based on Japan’s Scarlet ex & Violet ex which will release on January 20th. The international release date is later then usual. This is mostly likely due to Crown Zenith releasing in January 2023. Thus, giving players some time between sets.

We hope you are excited for all the new changes coming to the Pokemon TCG starting in Scarlet & Violet! Along with all the new Pokemon! See you all in Paldea!

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