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Forbidden Light! Official Reveal!

Forbidden Light
The light will reveal all!

Forbidden Light follows the story from Ultra Prism where we will follow the Ultra Wormhole into the Kalos region. Necrozma has taken the power of the Alola Legendary Pokemon to become Ultra Necrozma GX.

A new power shines from Ultra Necrozma GX to gather several Pokemon. Some of these new Pokemon includes: Lucario GX, Greninja GX, Zygarde GX, Yveltal GX, Volcanion Prism Star and Arceus Prism Star.

Below are the details for Forbidden Light.

o   5 new Prism Star cards

o   8 Pokémon-GX

o   6 Ultra Beasts

o   15 Trainer cards

o   2 Special Energy cards

Prereleases for Forbidden Light will take place in the weekends of April 21st through 29th. You can click here to see the prerelease promos for the set. Forbidden Light will be release on May 4th.

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