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Prerelease Promos for Forbidden Light! Revealed!

Prerelease Promos
The light will reveal all in the darkness!

The prerelease promos for Forbidden Light have been revealed! The Pokemon from Forbidden Light that will be featured as promos will be Pheromosa, Xurkitree, Malamar, and Lycanroc (Dusk Form).

The most wanted card out of these four will be Malamar. It has an ability that allows you to accelerate energy from your discard. Psychic type Pokemon have been wanting a form of energy acceleration for a long time.

Lycanrock (Dusk Form) can prove to be useful as a cheap Fighting type attacker in Fighting type decks. It is interesting to note that the attacks that this Lycanroc knows are the GX attacks from the Midday and Midnight form Lycanroc GX.

Xurkitree can be useful if you want to cause some disruption by paralyzing. Though you will need to make sure that you have only three prizes left.

Pheromosa could be useful if you wish to do a powerful attack with a single prize attacker. If you can pull off Pheromosa’s second attack to win the game then that would be great.

Prereleases for Forbidden Light will take place the weekends of April 21st through 29th. The set will be release on May 4th.

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