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Gengar to be in Pokken Tournament!

Revealed on the NicoNico stream last weekend, Gengar will be joining the roster of fighters for Pokken Tournament.

Late last year, fans were given the opportunity to vote for the next Pokken Tournament fighter and it looks as if Gengar was the winner! A video was shown on NicoNico to show some of the things that Gengar can do while in battle. Players will be able to utilize Gengar’s ability to float, become intangible and use moves such as Lick, Shadow Ball, Shadow Punch and Will-o-Wisp. It look as if Gengar will be bring a unique style of battling to Pokken Tournament. Lastly, it can Mega Evolve into Mega Gengar as it’s Burst Attack.

The addition of Gengar will mark the sixth playable character for Pokken Tournament. There has been no release date for Pokken Tournament in Japan or US but there have been many opportunities to play a beta for the game. More news will be reported once it becomes available.

EDIT: Pokemon’s Japanese YouTube channel has posted the video which was used in the reveal for Gengar. You can watch it below.

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