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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Night March Deck!

Pooka from The Top Cut is back with another battle! This time he is featuring a parade of Pokemon that will march late into the night towards victory. This week in Featured Match, it is time to showcase the Night Match deck!

The Night March Deck is a unique deck that features the Night March attack. This attack does damage based on the number of Pokemon in your Discard Pile with the Night March attack. These Pokemon include: Joltik, Lampent, and Pumkaboo. Each one of these Pokemon have different HP and attack cost for Night March. Joltik uses Night March for only a Double Colorless but he is easily knocked out due to having only 30 HP. Pooka added Mew EX who can copy any attack on the field with it’s Versatile ability. If all goes well and there is enough Pokemon with the Night March attack then you can knock out EX Pokemon with a single Psychic Energy.

So watch the video below to see the Night March deck in action!

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