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Halloween Comes Early to Pokémon UNITE

halloween celebration in pokemon unite
Pumpkins and spooky decor are taking over Mer Stadium for a limited time.

You have may have noticed a change in Pokémon UNITE recently. Things are getting spookier as the quick battle’s Mer Stadium has received a makeover. And just in time for halloween. Here is everything you need to know to make the most of this halloween celebration.

It’s All About the Pumpkins

Most noticeable during this event, is your battle item has been replaced with a pumpkin. Throw one at your opponent to turn them in a giant rolling pumpkin. During this time, they will be unable to score, but they will have increased movement speed as they roll around the stadium. Get close enough to a pumpkin trapped opponent and you will be able to give them a push. But be careful as they can do the same to you.

But this isn’t the only place you will find pumpkins. You will also receive special pumpkins for winning battles and completing challenges. These pumpkins can be spent on a variety of items such as: Battle Points boost cards, various Trainer Card customization, and even a Greedent UNITE License. That’s right, Greedent has joined the roster of playable Pokémon. But it won’t come cheap. At a cost of 70 pumpkins, you will have to make a choice if you want to save up for Greedent, or spend them on boost cards to receive more items quicker.

As mentioned in an official post, you won’t be able to earn enough pumpkins to acquire all the items, so choose wisely. My advice, avoid the pumpkin loot boxes. These boxes offer anywhere from 1-50 pumpkins for the low cost of 2 pumpkins. With 1 pumpkin being rewarded 63 percent of the time, and 50 being rewarded 0.03 percent of the time these are an absolute joke. You are better off saving them for something that will help your gameplay.

There is also limited time holowear available in the shop. Lucario and Zeraora can both be decked out in festive costumes. At the time of writing there are less than 4 days left to get the Zeraora Holowear at a discounted rate of only 0.75 cents. This comes as a welcome change to the $40 Holowear that have recently come out for some Pokémon.

Buffs and Nurfs

Hidden in the Pumpkin patch was a balance patch (sorry but I couldn’t resist writing that.) A handful of Pokemon got increases, decreases, and bug fixes as testing continues. All of that data can be found on Serebii. A big thanks to Joe for all you do for the community. But the biggest news comes from wild Pokémon that incite some wild team battles. Im talking, of course, about Rotom, Dreadnaw, and Zapdos.

It’s no secret that defeating Dreadnaw gives your team a major advantage in winning the game. More so that Rotom or even Zapdos, if you know how to properly play and strategize. But since the mobile launch of this game, less and less people are “rotating to bot lane” at the seven minute mark to take on Dreadnaw. This has been my experience, not sure if others have noticed this too. (My win percentage has noticed.)

Well now, it might not even matter. The team shield, that is granted to all 5 player of the team that took down Dreadnaw, is being reduced. There is even talk of the shield not being given to players who didn’t help in the KO. But the biggest kicker is the amount of EXP given to the team has been reduced as well. That experience usually bumped you up a full level each time your team KO’d Dreadnaw. This gave you a huge boost in fights and usually gave you the upper hand. It now seems like the rewards won’t be so great. But will it still be worth it? Only time will tell.

Rotom on the other hand is getting a buff to it’s Speed, Attack and HP while moving towards the opponents goal. And when it gets to that goal, it will remain open for 25 seconds, where previously it was only 20 seconds.

Zapdos has been a pivotal point in every game and can usually turn a defeat into a victory. With the new update, Zapdos will no longer reward as much Aeos Energy. This means less points scored for the team that secures the KO. Great if your team loses the fight, but maybe not so great if you need every little point you can get. One area of contention that fans of the game have, is that Zapdos not only rewards almost max energy to score and win, but it also takes place in the final two minutes of the match, where points scored are doubled. It’s a win win. Sorry to say, but there has also been a change where the Trainer who lands the KO, will not receive the double point boost.

Personally, I think all the changes are great. It really shows that the development team is listening to feedback and are willing to make changes to keep the game fair and feeling fresh. And with the halloween celebration in full swing, I’m looking forward to more future holiday events. Throwing Christmas tree ornaments for Christmas, hearts for valentines day, eggs for easter, the possibilities are endless.

See you around, Genesect!

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