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New VSTAR Mechanic Reveal for Pokemon TCG!

You are a VSTAR, Arceus!

In a video to celebrate the 25th anniversary for the Pokemon TCG, the brand new VSTAR mechanic was revealed. This new mechanic may seem familiar to those playing the Pokemon TCG. That is because it is mixing two previous mechanics into one!


The VSTAR Mechanic allows you to evolve your Pokemon V into a Pokemon VSTAR. This Pokemon VSTAR has a boosted HP and only gives up two Prize cards. It also has a special VSTAR Power that can only be used once per game.

If you have been playing the game for a while then this may sound familiar. The ability to evolve into a VSTAR from a Pokemon V is similar to the LvX. mechanic from the Diamond and Pearl block. Perhaps even more recent with the Pokemon VMAX. Though, the only difference between the two is the amount of prizes you take from knocking out a Pokemon.

Meanwhile, VSTAR Power resembles the GX Attack from the Sun & Moon era of the TCG. Both can only be used once per game and would require a marker to keep track of if the Power is used. As of right now, VSTAR Power seems to be an ability. Though, we will not be surprise if this is later seen as an attack.

As of right now, Arecus VSTAR is the only Pokemon VSTAR we have seen. It will be release in the upcoming Japanese set, Star Birth. Below is an image of Arecus V and Arecus VSTAR.

Arecus VSTAR is a 280HP Colorless Pokmon with one attack. Trinity Nova cost three Energy and does 200 damage. When you use Trinity Nova, you can search your deck for three Energy and attach them to your Pokemon V in anyway that you like.

The VSTAR Power that Arecus VSTAR has is called Starbirth. This once per game ability allows you to search your deck for two cards and put it in your hand.

There is no word on when Arecus VSTAR or Star Birth will be release in the United States. Star Birth will be release in Japan in January 2022.

Source: PokeGuardian

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