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Happy Anniversary to Adventures in the Millennium!

Adventures in the Millennium
A year of adventures and more for these role players!

A lot can happen in a year when you are on a adventure. You can meet new friends. Take part in DJ battles. Find out that one of your friends was part of a criminal organization. Run into an evil organization being run by a crazy person wearing pink. Though, this is just a normal part of life for these new trainers.

Adventures in the Millennium is celebrating one year of being on the air! This podcast features Tanner as the DM, Bella played by Lindsay, Gabriel played by Duncan and Julian played by Ryan. Each episode they roll the dice in hopes to win battles and prevent Team Astro from getting their way. One minutes these role players could be on route to their next gym and the next they are hot on the trail of Team Astro. Even if it was not intentional. After all, it is just another day in the millennial celebration for Sinnoh.

We reached out to the cast of Adventures in the Millennium to get their top five episode picks. These episodes are some great moments for our trio of trainers while also helps catch you up to what is going on now. So if you are looking for an awesome podcast full of action, drama and fun then you are in luck! Also, don’t forget to have plenty of adventure!

Below are Adventures in the Millennium cast picks with comments from myself.

The Battle for Oreburgh City– An episode where you get to see these role players battle it out. Though, the real battle is Belle taking on an old friend from her past.
From Duskull to Dawn– A simple walk in the town at Jubilife ends with being assaulted by appliances. What can you say? It is just part of the the adventure.
The Battle of Pal Park Peninsula– Not even traveling on top of a Wailord is safe. So many things can go array just because you get one bad roll of a dice.
Belle Reed: Memories– Another moment of Belle confronting her past but with a happy ending. Also, part two of the nods towards My Hero Academia.
Kurt and the Keystone Ghost– A much more recent episode but perfect for those jumping in! Especially as the group confronts their current mystery with ghosts and more!

Make sure sure to wish a happy anniversary to Adventures in the Millennium on Twitter! And why not the whole gang as well including Tanner, Lindsey, Ryan, and Duncan! Keep on going on your adventures for many years to come!

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