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Team GO Rocket Goes into GO!

GO Rocket
Get ready to defend your PokeStops!

Team GO Rocket has officially arrive in Pokemon GO. A few days ago they started to takeover a few PokeStops only to have stopped. Now they are in the real world in full force!

You can see larger number of PokeStops being taken over by Team GO Rocket. This includes seeing darken PokeStops where Team GO Rocket grunts have taken over. Once you have spun these darken PokeStops, a GO Rocket Grunt can be seen next to it. You can challenge these grunts to a battle.

They will have three Shadow Pokemon which are much stronger then normal Pokemon. Once you have defeated these Pokemon, you can capture one of their Shadow Pokemon that they left behind. This will be similar to capturing Raid Pokemon. The Shadow Pokemon that you are attempting to capture will have reduced captured rates compare to normal Pokemon.

Shadow Pokemon can not be traded until they are purified. Though, purified Pokemon are said to be stronger then their normal counterparts.

Below is a trailer introducing Team GO Rocket.

The story behind Team GO Rocket is that they are coming into our world. This could have something to do with the events of Team Rainbow Rocket from UltraSun & UltraMoon. At the end of the Rainbow Rocket arc, Giovanni is seen asking which world he should unleash his next plan. The end of the trailer for GO Rocket ends with a line from an unknown figure about Earth is where they will unleash their next plan. It sounds like Giovanni is behind this PokeStop ploy of Team GO Rocket.

Go out trainers and defend our world from devastation!

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