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VIDEO: The Lost Lock Capsule Event – Pokemon Gen 5 Cut Content – Dr Lava #20

Have you heard of this lost event?

Every generation of Pokémon games has its scrapped and lost data that don’t make it into the final cuts of the game. With that, several events also never make it internationally or to the public at all, like the Old Sea Map in Generation 3 or the Azure Flute in Generation 4. However, there is one lost event that few fans are aware of and even fewer have even completed, known as the Lock Capsule event.

In this week’s video, Nintendo Cut Content with Dr Lava covers this lost event as the first in a three part series of Unova’s cut content. It’s an interesting explanation of a lost event that provided a proverbial bridge between generations 4 and 5 in a similar fashion to the Celebi Zorua event. This event, however, yields something a bit different. It’s an interesting bit of Pokémon series lore that opens up several questions about Unova such as the history of Team Rocket’s presence of the region and is a great video to watch.

Nintendo Cut Content with Dr Lava has covered a lot of cut content from over the past four generations of Pokémon as well as many other games such as those from the Legend of Zelda. The channel’s content covers everything from the more well known beta content to the very obscure lost content. The team does extensive amounts of research and even recently worked as part of a larger team to translate an interview about some of the beta designs for generation 5, which they will be covering in a future video a few weeks from now. So if you want to see that video, be sure to subscribe to their channel. But if you’re eager and can’t wait to see it, here is a link to the first article in the series: Ken Sugimori Translated Interview. We hope to also cover this in the future but in the mean time we hope you enjoyed this week’s video and we hope to see you again next week!

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