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Happy Anniversary to the Purest! The Purified Podcast!

Purified Podcast
Nothing is purer then an anniversary!

And today we are celebrating the Purified Podcast anniversary!

Last week was a pretty big week. After all, it was the lead up to Pokemon Day where we were treated to big announcements and a big concert! Though, it was also the first year anniversary of the Purified Podcast! A Pokemon GO Podcast that covers catching, battling and more!

Now that is a big deal! After all, first year anniversaries are the first big milestone for any podcast! Chris and Luis have release over fifty episodes covering all things Pokemon GO. Their show has have them raid live on stream to catching DOUBLE Shiny Legendary Pokemon! When Chris and Luis go live then their whole community goes live with a chat of awesome fans.

We have reached out to The Purified Podcast to get their top five awesome episodes. Some of them may sound familiar for long time fans. Others will be a fun listen on memory lane.

#5 Episode 23 RAIDS around the world!
The beginning of a beautiful feature! This episode showcases the ability to raid remotely, some news and close to GOFest 2020! Chris and Luis hoped to always be raiding and always be part of a community out there!

#4 Episode 24 #PokemonGOFEST2020 Good or Bad…!?
Our first time Covering a Go Fest event on the podcast, we love sharing our experiences and always want our viewers to know what it’s the best for the community! We love sharing all our shinies and more!

#3 Bonus Episode 40.1 GO Beyond
This was our very First bonus episode, we decided to quickly talk about the Go-Beyond Update news that dropped, both Chris and Luis were so excited to cover it quickly and excited about a new Level grind in the game!

#2 Episode 10 Special Guest Speediest Chief!
This episode features our very first guest on the channel! We met Chief back in raid hour for a party hat gengar and nidorino, yet he is always so humble and now he is a world Silph Arena Champion! We had him later for more coverage but there will always be amazing moments when we talk to him!

# 1 Episode 14 Dramatic Shine of a Week!
This episode was like any other, but the best moment we had in the podcast! Both Chris and Luis were checking a Groudon from research, and Both of us got the Shiny at the same time! Our reactions were amazing! And we even have a clip to cover it!

Click here to watch the clip!

Happy anniversary to Chris and Luis from the Purified Podcast! Things may have been weird this last year with the global pandemic but you guys did it! May 2021 be the year that we can all GO out and have some fun!

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