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Quests Coming to Pokemon GO – Get Mew!

Niantic have made an exciting announcement this morning for trainers playing Pokemon GO! Trainers are invited to assist Professor Willow to conduct research into the mythical Pokemon Mew.

By completing at least one “Field Research” quest each day you can earn a Stamp. Collect 7 to unlock a Research Breakthrough and special rewards, including “useful items” and “an encounter with a Legendary Pokémon”. You can complete as many Field Research quests as you like each day.

While it is not immediately clear how Mew will be involved (as it is referred to as Mythical, not Legendary), it is possible it will be available from the “Special Research” tasks, which are guided by Professor Willow.

So far, confirmed tasks involve raids, catching certain Pokemon, transferring Pokemon, battling at gyms and spinning PokeStops.

Research Tasks will begin on March 30th (US time). This is a great opportunity for those who are unable to access legendary Pokemon raids.

You can read the full announcement below.


A series of mysterious happenings is occurring all over the world, and Professor Willow is seeking Trainers to help him find out if this is connected to the Mythical Pokémon Mew. These research tasks will become available to Trainers around the world later this week!

There are two different types of research you can contribute to: Field Research and Special Research. Gather Field Research tasks by spinning nearby PokéStops, which will give you objectives that include discovering and catching certain Pokémon or engaging with battles, among other things. Special Research may be requested by Professor Willow himself, and will take you on a journey to make important discoveries!

Both types of research offer great rewards, including a variety of useful items and even encounters with certain Pokémon! You can complete as many research tasks as you want every day, leading to a full day of adventures. These tasks also have different levels of difficulty, so the more challenging a research task is, the greater the reward waiting for you.

You can earn one Stamp per day by completing at least one Field Research task, and when you obtain seven stamps, you can achieve a Research Breakthrough to receive even greater rewards! You may even have an encounter with a Legendary Pokémon!

Research tasks will provide interesting challenges that will help you get better at discovering, battling, and catching Pokémon! We’re excited to see your contributions to the exciting field of Pokémon research, and we can’t wait to hear about the adventures you have along the way! Let’s get moving!

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