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Heroes of Unova Coming to Masters!

Some well known heroes from Unova is coming to Pokemon Masters!

Pokemon Masters will be seeing some new Sync Pairs coming to Pasio. This time they will be coming from the Unova region! Powerful new trainers and new battle events are going to be here soon!

Nate & Braviary

Starting now and ending on November 29th, players can now recuit Nate & Braviary. This Flying type Sync Pair will be in the Sync Pair Spotlight. They can use pretty powerful attacks thanks to their special move, Be Brave!

Bianca & Musharna

Bianca & Musharna
If you want a new Psychic type Sync Pair then you can fix your eyes on Bianca & Musharna. This Sync Pair can use moves like Psychic Terrain that will help boost the power of Psychic type moves.

Bianca & Musharna will be in the Sync Pair Spotlight from November 13th to November 29th.

Blue & Pidgeot Return!

Ending on Nov 24, Blue & Pidgeot will be in the Sync Pair Spotlight. This Flying type Sync Pair will bring some powerful attacks along with a Mega Evolution. The last time Blue & Pidgeot was in the spotlight was back at the start of Pokemon Masters.

“Race to Victory” Time Trial Events

Race to Victory
A new event is now in Pokemon Masters. Starting now and until November 29th, players will get a need for speed! “Race to Victory” Time Trail Events will reward players based on how quickly they can complete a battle. The faster they do the better!

Best of luck in your battles in Pokemon Masters!

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