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Pokemon GO Connects to Pokemon HOME

It is time to GO to HOME!
Pokemon trainers in Pokemon GO can now bring their Pokemon into Pokemon HOME and beyond! Currently on Level 40 players can transport Pokemon. Though, it is expected that players under Level 40 will eventually be able to move their Pokemon out of Pokemon GO.

Transporting into HOME

If you want or can move your Pokemon from GO to HOME then you will need to check under the Settings option. Once there you will see the option to link your Pokemon GO account to your Nintendo Account. From there you will be able to access the HOME Transporter to move Pokemon.

In order for you to move Pokemon from GO to HOME, you will use GO Transporter Energy. Players will start with 10,000 Energy. Each time a Pokemon is sent into HOME using HOME Transporter, energy will be used up. The amount of energy used will depend on the type of Pokemon and CP. Factors such as being Legendary or not, Shiny and CP will make the cost go up or down. That means a Shiny Legendary Pokemon will use up all 10,000 of your Energy in one transport.

A full break down can be found on Serebii.

GO Transport Energy can be recharged but only 60 Energy per hour. It will take 6 days and 23 hours (or a week) to fully charge up HOME Transport back up to 10,000. Players can also buy GO Transporter Energy at a rate of 1 Coin for every 10 Energy. Thus, it will cost players 1,000 Coins (around $10 American dollars) to fully charge the HOME Transporter.

Lastly, certain Pokemon with forms will revert back to their base form upon being transported to HOME. Some of these Pokemon include Castform, Cherrim (Sunshine Form), Giratina (Origin Form) and Genesect (All Drives).

Also, Lucky and Purified Pokemon will lose their Lucky and Purified statuses when sent to Pokémon HOME.

Meanwhile, all the Costume Pokemon will not be able to move into HOME. Some of these includes all the Costume Pikachu, Halloween variants and Special Event Costume Pokemon.

Gigantamax Melmetal Distribution

To celebrate the new transport feature in Pokemon GO, Melmetal can now be retrieved in Pokemon HOME. This Melmetal will be Level 100 and be able to Gigantamax.

In order to retrieve Melmetal, you will need to transport a Pokemon from Pokemon GO into Pokemon HOME.

Source: Pokemon GO

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