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KIBO Pikachu Distribution

Pikachu in SPACE
It is time for a new Pikachu…..IN SPACE Distribution!

To start off the New Year, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency decided to host a livestream event to watch the first sunrise of the new year. There were several participates involved including Pokemon! As part of the Pokemon section, you were treated to an amazing AR experience. This involved included Rayquaza flying around the International Space Station. Though, one astronaut got a chance to have Pikachu float around in the Space Station with him.

And now you can have this Pikachu! A special distribution is now being hosted on Pokemon Sword & Shield for the KIBO Pikachu.


This Pikachu will be distributed with Mystery Gift over Internet on Sword & Shield. The OT will be named KIBO. This Pikachu will know the moves Thunderbolt, Swift, Wish and Celebrate and will hold a Comet Shard.

You have until January 15th, 2021 to retrieve this Pikachu.

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